Four Leaf Clover 068 by John, licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is the story of Frane Selak, a Croatian music teacher born on June 14th 1929. He is also known as the “world luckiest unlucky man”. After 7 brushes with death but ultimately winning the lottery, that title is well earned.

Lucky escape N° 1

January 1962. Frane was riding a train, when the train suddenly derailed and crashed into a river. 17 people were drowned, but he survived the accident.

Lucky escape N° 2

His second stroke of luck occurred in 1963, on his first plane ride… which would also be his last. The plane, as you might have guessed, crashed. Frane was blown out of the airplane because of a malfunctioning door and miraculously landed in a haystack. 19 people were killed in the crash.

Lucky escape N° 3

1966, another bus accident. And again, it was with a bus crashing into a river. 4 people got killed in the crash. Frane has some light bruising, but for the rest he got away unharmed.

Lucky escape N° 4

In 1970, his car car caught fire whilst driving. He got out in time before the fuel tank blew up.

Lucky escape N° 5

1973, the engine of his car caught fire because of a malfunctioning fuel pump. Flames started shooting out of the air vents, singing his hair. But otherwise, he was just fine.

Lucky escape N° 6

In 1995, Frane got his by a bus. He survived the accident with only minor injuries.

Lucky escape N° 7

In 1996, he evaded a truck on a mountain curve. His car hit the guardrails, but these didn’t hold the car and the plummeted into the ravine. Somehow, Frane got ejected out of the car and managed to hold on the the branches of a tree.

In 2003, after all these close encounters with death, he won the lottery! With his new-found wealth, he purchased 2 houses and a boat. Later on, he decided to give the rest away to his family and friends and lived a quiet and peaceful life together with his fifth wife.